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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a horrifying scene, a limousine engulfed in flames on the san mateo-hayward bridge killing five passengers who were celebrating a wedding. the c.h.p. held a news conference and a key question, were there teen many people in the vehicle? >> the limo will be inspected as the investigation begins into the tragedy. the passengers killed include neriza fojas, the bride, on the way with the bridal party to
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fosterty. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has new details. >> we do not know the cause of the fire that c.h.p. is still searching for a cause today. officials may now be investigating the fact that too many people were riding in the limousine on saturday night when it caught fire. the cell phone video shows how intense the fire was. sky 7 h.d. was overhead moments after. c.h.p. says that smoke filled the limousine and fire. four passengers including the driver got out. five women, including new bride, neriza fojas, did not make it out. she and four friends were huddled near the partition divider near the driver trying to get away from the smoke and flames according to fire officials. the limo was considered a party vehicle, licensed california public utility commission which only allows eight people to ride
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inside. >> this particular vehicle is listed with the p.u.c. to carry eight or fewer passengers. we will be working with members of the p.u.c. to determine the specific regulatory mandates are required in this situation because as we know in were nine people in this vehicle. >> the limo driver, orville brown, tells the chronicle there were so many flames in 90 seconds. the car was fully engulfed. he says there was a lot of confusion moments before the fire broke out. the women were knocking on the center divide are saying "smoke, smoke" and he misunderstood and thought they wanted to smoke a cigarette in back of the limousine. c.h.p. says that brown was properly licensed to drive the limousine. autopsies on the victims are happening today. toxicology reports and the rest
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of the investigation may take to or three weeks to complete. >> the four injured survivors are at two different hospitals in the south bay. now to abc7 news amy hollyfield who joins from valley medical center with the conditions. amy hollyfield? >> i was given an update and i have a little bit of good news to pass along. there are two women that were listed in critical condition. one has just been upgraded to "serious" condition. witnesses have said they helped pull the survivors from the burning limousine on saturday night. there were five women trapped inside who could not escape. the driver got out on his own. he told the "san francisco chronicle" he wishes he could have done more. he are the names of the survivors who we are tracking for you. jasmine amelia loyola are here, and amelia is in critical can,
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and jasmine has been upgraded to "serious." at stanford, they have mary grace gored -- guardiano. this is a picket of the bride, bride, the woman who they were celebrating, headed to a hotel to celebrate the wedding. she died in the fire. the family is here by her side at the hospital, and they have told the spokesman that they do not want to speak publicly right now. maybe they will reconsider that this afternoon, likely feeling pretty good about the upgrade from "critical" to "serious." that is the latest from san jose for abc7 news. >> the limousine company owner tells abc7 news that limo stop "will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities in determining the cause of the fire in order to
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help bring forth answers and provide closure to the victims and their families." they said the company is "deeply saddened bit -- by the tragedy." stay with us for updates. complete coverage is at and you can get breaking updates on twitter. >> three died at a fire in a mobile home and two were children. it took firefighters half an hour to put out the fire. the sonoma county sheriff is investigating the cause. in san jose, three people were hurt when a fire broke out in a garage of an apartment complex before 4:00 this morning at terrace apartments. about 200 residents were evacuated. two cars burned but crews put out the fire before it spread to any unit. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation
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along with a firefighter who had an undisclosed medical condition. one person tried to drive a burning car out of the garage. no word on the cause of the fire. >> developing news, the f.b.i. believes it foiled the possibility terrorist attack in minnesota. authorities arrested a 24 -year-old man on friday after a raid on the mobile home last week. inside they found molotov cocktails, pipe bombs and firearms. the f.b.i. has not released details of a plot but that they believe it would have been carried out in minnesota. >> san bruno and consumer advocates called for significant action against pg&e for the san bruno pipeline explosion. this morning the group demanded the state levee fines and penalties of $2 billion against the utility. the explosion and fire killed eight people and damaged or destroyed 38 homes. three separate investigations,
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independent investigations, confirmed pg&e's failure to operate the system caused the disaster. >> we are joined by the utility reform network and the city and county of san francisco in calling on the california public utilities commission to demonstrate it is a tough regulator by imposing fines and penalties that will send a message that safety is a top priority and that gross negligence and recklessness will not be tolerated. >> the statement released moments ago pg&e took responsibility for the disaster and expects to be fined but says "we believe what every dollar of every penalty should be directed to work that enhances the safety of the system and benefits pg&e customers." east palo alto police are holding a news conference in the hour on their search for the gunman in a shooting outside a mcdonald's. the shooting wounded six people including a six-year old girl who was hit by glass and her grandmother. it happened close to 101 on university avenue.
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police say the shooter aimed at people waiting for the bus at the cub. investigators say it appears four victims were targeted and no energy was life threatening. the shooting is gang-related it is believe. >> investigators are investigating the family of an eight-year-old girl stabbed in her home. the 12-year-old step brother of this little girl told authorities he found his sister murdered and a stranger running away. now investigators have turned the focus back on the family. kira klapper joins us with the latest. >> the sheriff is focusing on the witness account of the step brother, he was the only person at home when she was murdered. they brought in more manpower to find her killer. >> more than a week after eight-year-old leila fowler was stabbed in her family's valley springs home authorities are focusing on areas nearby. on sunday, diver teams from the sheriff
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sheriff department searched two reservoirs hoping to find clues. >> it is blackwater diving and they are searching the bottom of the ponds with their hands. obviously, in these water conditions they can not see where they are going is tenders on the shore will guide them. >> at the same time, authorities knocked on more than 300 doors asking neighbors if they saw anything suspicious around the time she was killed but nothing turned up. the only witness so far, the 12-year-old step brother who was home alone with her and found her after she had been brutally stabbed, and described her killer as a tall man with long gray hair. a neighbor who said she also saw the man run from the home has since taken back that claim. people living in this tight knit community are waiting, hopeful the continuing search for more evidence will bring deputies closer to an arrest. >> we are all concerned. i have three girls.
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they are little. they used to play outside. now they don't. >> on friday, investigators took knives from the home where she was murdered but will not say to they were used in the crime. we are waiting for an update today at 1:30 press briefing by the sheriff. in the newsroom for abc7 news reporter. >> san jose police are pleased with how cinco de mayo celebrations went despite a crowd that threw bottles and rocks. 11 people were arrested after police were called to break up a fight around 8:30. police were able to clear the streets before anyone got hurt. despite the vandalism, police say sunday's arrests were down compared to last year. >> just ahead a change in the weather creating new challenges for firefighters with a massive fire in southern california. >> an unusual new medical study involving babies, could sucking
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on your
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>> southern california firefighters are confident they will have the massive springs fire fully contained tonight in ventura county. the 28,000 acre fire is 80 percent contained. rain is reducing the fire's spread but it is forcing firefighters to struggle in mud and slippery conditions. arson has been ruled out as the
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cause. >> volunteer with the benicia fire department has been arrested after a series of arsons over the weekend. the first fire broke out over over the weekend on saturday. then half an hour later another fire, and then two hours after that another obey shore road. a volunteer firefighter was arrested on sunday morning on park road. police say they found evidence in his car linking him to the fires. >> cities in the bay area and all of california can now legally ban marijuana shops in their borders. the state supreme court ruled this morning, cities and counties can use their zoning powers to keep out medical pot dispensary. marijuana advocates argue that letting local governments ban dispensaries is a slap in the face of california voter whose aproven marijuana for medical use 17 years ago. >> our meteorologist has a very
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big change in the forecast. >> pretty drastic. yesterday the temperatures dropped and they dropped to where they should be although it feels cool. we have a chance of the temperatures remaining in the forecast, and a slight chance of a shower or two as you can see as we look from south beach to the east bay hills. it turns out the bay area has a new chihuahua problem and a new offer to dog owner todxfñxsx; xa
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new study suggests that sucking your baby's pacifier could cut their risk for allergies. researchers followed 174 babies and their parents for several years and found toddler whose had their pacifiers sucked by their parents were less likely to have allergies and asthma. the reason? parents expose the bacteria to their babies stimulating the young immune system. some pediatricians are skeptical and say the study was small and long-term effects are not clear.
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>> starting today, for $20 dog lovers can control the bay area's growing chihuahua population. a dozen groups are teaming up to spay or neuter 500 chihuahuas by the end of may. the shelters say the freed is experiencing a severe overpopulation that some attribute to their appearances in movie including "legally blond." for a list of locations offering the surgeries go we to >> when there is a chance for rain, mike, you are scouring the live doppler 7 hd each minute. what are you finding out? >> a few sprinkles out there use head out for the lunch hour, be aware of that and take an umbrella just in case. first, we will show you the overall picture as we have it spinning with the bulk of the moisture to the north and i will go to the south bay and led up the peninsula and you can see right from campbell, los gatos,
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saratoga, cupertino, sunnyvale, right up to stanford and palo alto and los altos, that is where we are finding the best radar return. a few sprinkles for you and we have more on the way as this system rotates you can see the moisture coming up from the south and it will continue to be the higher elevations that get the bulk of the moisture and they may slip from the higher terrain and into the lower lanes and bring you a sprinkle or light shower and you can see the system to the north grazing north of santa rosa so you may get a few sprinkles headed into the afternoon hours. the bulk of the moisture is to the north with snow down to 6,000' in tea he, they had 6 to 8 inches overnight. we cannot see the cloud bottoms because the rain is coming out from south beach, temperature is 68 in san francisco and walnut creek and oakland is 61 and 70 in palo alto and 67 in mill valley. as we take a look great sutro
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towers to the east you can see clouds are thicker the further away you go but no radar runs. they are coming. 66 in santa rosa, los gatos 66, and gilroy at 71. from mount tamalpais we are 2,600' up and the cloud base is higher but that will be dropping, also, as the air becomes more moisture-laden and that is why i put the chance of scattered showers in today and tomorrow's forecast, with sunny spots, but notice the temperatures are close to average if not one or two degrees warmer and when we get out of this the warm air rushes back in for the weekend but it will not be oppressively hot. we are watching the low during the morning hours and you can see it starting to rotate, the moisture right up from the south and the higher terrain in the eat bay hills and to the not bay where you have a best chance of seeing the shower activity in the afternoon and evening.
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overnight it will calm a little bit but a few sprinkles are possible and you wake up there could be a few drips on your car or dust was left over from the rain that fell on saturday night into sunday, tuesday, you can see at noon it is calming down and it will continue to do that in the afternoon hours tomorrow and the low passes. watch the bull's eye of rain in the higher terrain in diabolo range or mount hamilton and everyone else is less than .1" so it will be a nuisance more than anything. temperature at 62 at half moon bay and mid to 60's around the bay shore and low to my 70's inland into the east bay valley. at game it could sprinkle but mostly, dress for the cooler conditions. 61, dropping to 57 with phillies in town. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow there is less of a chance of a shower and less of a chance of a thunderstorm which today there is not a great
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chance. as we head to wednesday, we will see increasing sunshine and temperatures are still stuck in the same ballpark, thursday we get warmer and on friday, we are 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 70's at the bay and low-to-mid 80's inland so a delightful weekend coming up. >> breaking news to bring you, authorities have identified two people who died in a canoe trip near los gatos after the can noon capsized yesterday afternoon along highway 17. two others made it to shore safely after the small boat overturned. we show you where the rescue divers searched for the two men who died. a thrive-year-old from scotts valley, and the body of a second vote, 30-year-old was found a few hours later. the boaters were from the same family. the sheriff deputies say no boater had life jackets on. >> the rolling stones take the
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stage in the bay area. this is last night's concert
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>> at 3:00 on "katie" she goes hollywood and welcomes jimmy kimmel to the show and reveals tweets she made to the set she borrowed from jimmy for today's show. at 4:00, are you looking if a good backup laptop that is easy to use for you and your children? we look at chromebook. michael finney puts flower delivery services to the test in ordering the perfect bouquet. >> big night for rolling stones fans as the band brought the
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50th anniversary tour to oakland's arena. >> 50 years! they played a number of fan favorites and brought out tom weights for "little red rooster." >> they featured a choir from san jose state and they had a cake that read "welcome to oracle reunion." >> and dan ashley tweeted us all night long. he already
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